The logout-url, which can be setup in Event - Setup - Options, was not working on every page in m-anage.

Registration - Helpdesk - Edit a group operator - My Group
Because of performance issues in groups with more than 1000 group visitors the tabs "Alle", "Registrierte Teilnehmer" and "Nicht teilnehmend" are now single html pages.

Function "set order paid"

It was possible to set open orders as paid, this function leaded to a lot of problems, it was decided to ged rid of it.

Abstract Submission - Conditions
The conditions e.g. webcast were only available in one language, now you can enter translations for every event langauage in event setup - content ressources - Type "Condition"

VAT and PO Number
As it is possible to activate additional inputs, for registration and group registration advanced, so participants can enter theirĀ  VAT and PO number (setting is in Registration - Basic Setup - Wizard), the export module was extended by "PO Number" and "VAT Number" (Registration - Exports - Tab Orders".

Membership - Export
The values "Company" and "J_Company" are now available as filter options.

Group Registration Advanced - New order
The ticket dropdown now shows the same sort as in the ticket type setup combined with the categories (same sort as in the self registration).

Registration - Ticket Setup
Until now entered discount prices couldnĀ“t be deleted. When you now edit a ticket you can just delete the discount price or enter a "0".

External Program
There was an issue with the times shown on the external program, which changed with the time zone set on your computer. Now it will always shows the time as set in m-anage.