When an eventmanager do changes regarding distributed tickets for a group operator an additional fee for name changes can be charged.

Until now this was only added to the group account of the group operator.

Now "name changes" creates an order which can be paid, cancelled or deleted as every other order. For that following changes were made:

  • The existing template "Change Report" was renamed to "Allocation name change".Also the mergefield table order overview is now available in this template.
  • The "Name Change" orders will be shown in Registration Helpdesk - Edit a Group Operator - Orders. They can also be cancelled, paid or deleted as a normal order. In cases of cancellation the "added tickets" will be removed of  a group visitor.
  • For "Name Change" orders an additonal popup is available which shows the "Distribution report" (available in the Registration Helpdesk - Edit a name change order)
  • On the distribution page group visitors, for which changes regarding tickets were done, are shown on a yellow background.

Name change orders also have an additional info panel which shows details to the name change

Registration - Statistics

The total amount of name changes also the sum of all name change orders (with paytype fee) is now additionally shown in the statistics for the new group registration.

Registration - Exports

the name change orders are now also shown in the standard exports like "order overview". Existing name change orders will not be shown, only new created name change orders.

For the export module new values are available:

  • Name change fee
  • Name change order id
  • Name change order payed
  • Name change ticket type (name of ticket which was removed or added)
  • Name change total tickets removed (amount of tickets which were removed for a group visitor)
  • Name change type (shows if ticket was removed or added from a group visitor)