Desktop Module "My Profile"
Will no longer be available as there was a new "My Profile" introduced last release and is available on the top left for every user.

General performance improvement
To speed up m-anage, pages which contains information regarding group operators, were optimized.

Mergefield "mLogDatem" (to use in certificate context)
The output was changed to e.g. "Thursday, 27. August 2015" (additional point after day).

Event Logo

Was also shown on the "accept terms of use page (after login)" even if it was disabled for the event in the Event Setup - Desktop & Logo.

Hotel booking

Fixed an issue when adding a guest with an ' in the email-address.

Registration Helpdesk - Participant Details - Order overview

Additional functionality is now shown in one line instead among each other.

Abstract word export template new mergefields
For the abstract word export two new mergefields are available:
​mContactSurnameFDotm  (shorten surname with point e.g. "Daniel J.")
​mContactSurnameFm      (shorten surname without point e.g. "Daniel J")
In addition with this mergefields you can also set the presenting author with an underline in the export in Abstract - Setup - Templates.
The abstract template for the abstract submission can now also be uploaded here.


Abstract Review
The preview window of the abstract is now bigger.

Registration Helpdesk - Onsite Helpdesk
Additional feedbacks regarding print status were added, also print count is now shown in the info-popup:
  • Type not checked
  • No valid bookings
  • Not all bookings paid