A new helpdesk for onsite is available (Registration - Onsite Helpdesk)

Following new features (compared to the existing Hostess Helpdesk) exists:

  • Profile picture is shown (on mouseover the personal barcode)
  • The general account infos of a participant (divided in self registration and group activities and actual account balance and paid sum)
  • The print info is displayed (participant can be printed or not, and also if his/her tickets were already printed)
  • Ticket template relation is shown on click "blue arrow down" - icon. When no infos are available it means one of two things: no ticket bought or tickets are not connected to a template.

The icons from left to right

  1. Send welcome mail to participant
  2. Password reset
  3. Information from custom queries (when available)
  4. Edit user information (name and address)
  5. Jump to this user in the Registration - Helpdesk