Registration - Summary page

Fixed an issue where the total sum was not updated after deleting a ticket.

Also when after deleting tickets only free tickets are in the shopping cart, the paytype will now automatically change to "none".

Oneclickaccess for new user
New users in m-anage who used the oneclickaccess had to change their password after their first login.
This process made the oneclickaccess- url invalid. Now it stays valid until the next password change.

Navigation changes
The default templates in "Administration - Templates" can now be found in "Event - Setup - Templates".
UI texts are now also in "Event - Setup - UI texts".
In "Registration - Helpdesk - Edit a participant" on the page "participant"associates of a participant were shown in a tab. Now it has it´s own page.

Event Login page
The E-Mail input is now on top, so it is no longer hide parts of a background picture.
Also a new ui text is available "lblLoginEmail_tx", this text appears in front of the E-mail input.

Registration Helpdesk - Edit a participant - Orders
Receipt can now also be downloaded for participants without e-mail address.

Abstract - Review Helpdesk
The filter options are now optimized and now also take effect in combination with other filter settings.

Hotel search
At default the hotel search takes the event start and end date as checkin and checkout date.
When event dates are changed, now also checkin and checkout date are updated in the hotel search.

Registration - Exports - Custom query values

The names of the custom queries will now be shorten (for a better handling).
The complete title is shown on mouse over.
Exports with custom queries, with names longer than 128 symbols, are now possible.

Administration - Exports - Order overview
The export "order overview" now also contains orders from the new group registration. Fees for distribution changes are not separatly shown.