Abstract Review (Classic Mode) for Voters

First of all, the Abstract Voter has to login at the event login page with his/her e-mail address.

Secondly, the system asks the Abstract Voter to enter a personalized password.

In order to be able to review an abstract he/she has to click on the module “ABSTRACT REVIEW”:

Abstract Review Overview

Now the Abstract Voter sees all abstracts that are assigned to him/her:


The Abstract Voter can choose whether he/she wants to start reviewing an abstract by clicking on “Start abstract review” (1) or by clicking on “Review” (2) next to a specific abstract


Review of an abstract

After having selected an abstract the Abstract Voter has the possibility to download the abstract as a word or pdf file (1). Additionally, he/she can see the content of the abstract via a pdf-preview (2).

In the blue field all information entered by the Abstract Submitter, such as Speaker, Main Author, Category, Presentation Type etc. is shown (3).

The Abstract Voter can make suggestions with regard to the selected abstract. He/She can recommend an appropriate abstract title, a better matching category or another presentation type (4).

Last but not least the Abstract Voter has to review the abstract concerning different criteria, such as

  • Applicability
  • Language
  • Quality of Content
  • Total

The weight of each criteria is 25%. For every single criteria the Abstract Voter has to make an evaluation, he/she can give 1 to 10 points (stars), whereas 1 is the worst voting and 10 the best (5). The Abstract Voter can determine whether he/she would strongly accept, accept, refuse the abstract or has a neutral opinion towards the abstract.

ATTENTION: Criteria / Suggestions / Voting System may vary

If the Abstract Voter can’t finish his/her review by now he/she can click on button “Save” (7) and continue his/her review at another time.

The Abstract Voter can refuse the review (6) or finish it (8) by clicking on the respective button.

Overview Reviewed Abstracts

After having completed an abstract review, the reviewed abstract will disappear from the abstract overview list and be displayed at “YOUR REVIEWED ABSTRACTS”.

Once an abstract review was finished the Abstract Voter cannot edit it again.

Additional functions

At the abstract overview page the Abstract Voter has the possibility to search for a particular Abstract:

He/she can also download a single abstract (1) or all abstracts (2) as one pdf file: