Firstly, determine whether you want to create "Session Groups" or not - if so, you have the possibility to create session groups out of the already existing abstract categories.

Then, create session types. Session types can be: symposia, lectures, workshops etc..

  • Session type name: e.g. Workshop
  • Description: optional
  • Dynamic mode: the time for a single presentation is automatically generated by Depending on how many abstracts the Event Manager assigns to a session type, the system divides the total time and distributes the time to the presentations assigned to the session type.
  • Talk time: If the checkbox of Dynamic mode is not enabled, the Event Manager has to determine a  talk time for the session type
  • Discussion mode
    • none: no time for discussion (during/after the session) is scheduled
    • pro: after each presentation, time for discussion is scheduled
    • once: for the end of the session time for discussion is scheduled
  • Discussion time: here the Event Manager determines how many minutes are scheduled for the discussion
  • Color: add a color for the session type