Payment options

  • Credit card
  • Direct debit

require a paygate connection.

Should an interface to a paygate for your company already exist, please inform the JMarquardt Support Team to connect your event with the existing paygate.

Which steps need to be done to connect your event to a paygate, if an interface doesn't exist?

1. Inform JMT Support Team

Inform JMT Support Team to which paygate you would like to create an interface.

To the following paygate providers we already have an existing interface:

  • SaferPay
  • Wirecard
  • CompuTop
  • DIBs
  • WebPay
  • ConCardis

2. New paygate provider

If you would like JMT to develop a new interface to a certain paygate provider you already work with, please provide JMT with the following information:

  • name of the paygate provider
  • technical details of the paygate provider:
    • e.g. Merchant ID & Key (usually a combination of numbers and letters)
    • should you have different events - has each event a different PSP-ID (Ecommerce)? Is the respective PSP-ID of an event also in use for an other registration platform than
  • admin login details for the paygate backoffice
  • technical contact person for JMT's development team