In order to use the new Hotel Module the following settings must be done

1. Registration - Setup - Basics
The default currency and the default VAT for hotel booking must be set here.

2. Registration - Setup - Payment

 Here you can define which pay types are available for hotel booking.

3. Hotel - Setup - Basics

 Set an order number for the hotel booking.
It is also possible to enter an e-mail address to which all invoices are sent in blind copy.
The setting "Inline with registration" enables the user to have a button appear that links you to either the registration or the hotel booking on the final summary page
(depending in which module the user is).

4. Hotel - Setup - Templates

 You can upload one template for invoice and one for foreign hotel order confirmation.
When your event is multilingual also for every activated language.

 Setting up a hotel

2.1. Hotel - Setup - Hotels
Here you can add hotels and enter hotel details (such as address, pictures, description and services) and room contingents.
After entering a hotel name, click on edit to enter hotel details and upload pictures.
The first uploaded picture is the main picture which will be shown in the hotel search.

2.2. Hotel - Setup - Contingent
This feature allows you to enter as many contingents as needed according to the hotel´s room availability and a different number can be entered each night.
Here you can also enter various prices for each room, for using as a single or double room.
If there is no limitation to rooms available do not click the "Contingent active" box.
Once you have added a price for a contingent you must go back to the contingent overview and activate it.