What  is a user merge?

User merges allow administrative users to transfer information about tickets, presentations, abstracts or others from one m-anage.com account to another. This happens when a user created multiple accounts on m-anage.com with different email addresses and wants to consolidate the accounts into one.

Who can performe user merge orperations?

This function is only available to Event Managers or the JMarquardt support team.

How to merge users?

The User Module is available via the administration area. Here you may search for users linked to your company's events or societies. Each user may be selected into a merge job by clicking the plus icon.



Selected users are added to the right. By clicking "start merge" you will be asked to select the source account. The source account is the account from which the data should be transferred to the target account (it is possible to selected multiple source accounts).

In the next step you will be asked to select the target account, which is the account that will remain active in m-anage.com.

By pressing next you get a summary of the actions that will be performed and m-anage.com will inform you that the merge operation cannot be undone. By clicking "continue" the merge job is executed and the result will be shown.


Important notes on user merges

Membership/Society related notes

  • Data that will be merged from the source to the target are as follows:
    • The membership information form the source is transfered to the target account.
    • Information like membership account movements, pay status and date of last change will be copied from the source to the target.
  • Data that will NOT be merged and withdrawn from the source are the following:
    • Membership number
    • Position
    • Qualification
    • Notes
    • Received journal flag
    • Identity flag
    • Blocked flag

For further details please feel free to contact our support team via support@jmarquardt.com