Administration - Export - Registration

Export "Custom Queries" now also shows if someone has a valid order with an admission ticket.

Export "Terminallogs" fixed now shows manual logs correctly.

Terminal id and terminal room is removed as this information was useless as terminals can be configured during a congress to different rooms.

Namebadge Print

In the order overview also now new the "Ticket Type Short" can be printed on namebadges.

Example template at the bottom. 

To activate for a ticket type to be shown "This ticket type is contained in the replacer group on the badge" must be ativated for a ticket in "Registration - Ticket Setup - Ticket Type Setup".

Registration - Quick Registration

Fixed an issue in which it was possible to create a valid order for a participant without finishing the quickregistration.

External program

Fixed an issue in which the text replacement for not accepted invited chairs were not correctly shown in the popup.

Also fixed an issue in which session start times where not shown in order.

Speaker Invitation Module

You can now also offer your invited speakers and chairs a comment field. 

In which you can leave a message for the invited speaker, or the invited speaker to you.

Setting is in Programme - Setup - Invitation Setup.

In the invitation desktop module the comment field is shown at the end.

In the speaker invitation helpdesk the comments are shown in the details tab budget.

Application Module

Deactivating "browser history back" after submitting an application so enduser can´t change submitted applications.

Registration - Helpdesk - Edit a Group operator - Group

You can now also set the participant type status for all or selected group visitors to Approved, Rejected and Not.

Dropdowns are found at the end of the list.