Program - Session Manager

Added the collision detection also for adding speakers and chairs via speaker database.

Registration - Ticket Setup

Fixing an issue that ticket restriction for userole eventmanger can´t be removed.

Registration - Code Setup
You can now also define mergefields for used codes in the self registration in "Registration - Code Setup".

The mergefields can be used for badge print, mergefields are mCode1m, mCode2m ... mCode10m. Output is the used code or if not used it´s empty.

Registration - Exports

Fixed an issue in which exports with the values of the new custom queries were not working, also they couldn´t be saved as a favorite.

Group Registration

Fixed an issue in which it was possible to add participants without a participant type.

Template - Speaker Invitation

In the template now also sessiongroups are shown via mergefield mSessionGroupm, please find an example attached at the bottom.

Speaker / chait invitation

You can also see the status of invited speakers and chairs directly in the session manager:

  • Yellow - Invitation pending
  • Red - Invitation rejected
  • Green - Invitation accepted

Setting to activate it is in Programme - Setup - Invitation Setup - "Show status invitation on session manager"

Membership - Remote control

Fixed an issue in which remote control on some members didn´t worked.

Administration - Exports - Programme

Created new default export "SpeakerChairInitial", contains following info:

  • Is session chair
  • Is presenter
  • Firstname
  • Initial
  • Lastname
  • e-mail