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Custom Application - Custom query - download element

Fixed an issue in which after deleting an uploaded file shows an display issue.

Registration - Custom Query Setup

Fixed an issue in which it was not possible to reset all values for dropdowns Participants, Tickets, Roles and Codes.

External Program

When you login to the external program and you have the userole "Eventmanager" you will now see edit buttons for sessions and presentations.
On click you get directly into m-anage to the selected session or presentation.

Fixing an issue in which abstract download on search result page was not working.

Abstract - Payment - Cancellation

Fixed the cancellation process for abstracts so that cancel orders created same way as for registration orders.

Hotel specific templates

In addition to the default templates you can now upload specific templates for each hotel.

In case nothing is uploaded the default templates will be used.

In case you use group hotel booking only the default templates will be used.

Abstract - Statistics

Optimizing the page so that also a huge amount of abstracts and reviewers can be load and displayed.

Program - Exports

Adding "And" "OR" functionality to the filters.