Administration - Exports - "excel abstracts"

Added new columns:

  • "Presenter Last Change Date"
  • "Presenter Last Access By"

Registration - Helpdesk - new column "Group account"

You can now also see directly the group account of your participants. You can activate it via the settings in the information setup.

Registration - Exports

Adding new fields which can be used to get the foreign registration information for an order:

  • ForeignTitle
  • ForeignFirstname
  • ForeignSurname
  • ForeignCompanyName
  • ForeignStreet
  • ForeignZipcode
  • ForeignCity
  • ForeignCountry¬†
  • ForeignEmail

Program - Session Manager - Session description

Fixing an issue in which special characters prevented updating the session description.

Program - Invitation Helpdesk

Filter for "suggested" invitations added again.

Group Registration

Participant type restrictions like country or age restrictions are now also active for group registration. 

Adding of group visitors are now changed to two steps:

  1. Adding the personal data
  2. Selecting participant type

For the group excel import the participant type restrictions are not active.

Public Program

Fixing the view on smaller screens.

Fixing an issue in which the download of "Day program" only worked when the user was logged in.

Partial cancelled group orders number system

When you partially cancel a group order the order no. created was PO-, and when this order was also cancelled the order no. was PO-PO- and so on.

This was no changed to P0-, P1-, P2 etc.

Speaker Invitation Module

You can now also in addition show session chairs of the invited speaker and chair slots.

The setting can be found in Program - Setup - Invitation Setup

Abstract - Submission

Fixing an issue in which it was not possible to delete abstracts in the abstract submission.

Membership - Custom queries
Fixing an issue in which aplicants were able to finish custom queries without entering all mandatory fields.