Registration - VAT free for british and portugese VAT numbers

In "Registration - Basic Setup - Wizard" the "VAT free" can now also be used for british and portugese VAT numbers. 

Registration - Exports

Following new values are available in the export module:

  • Ticket Short
  • Tax%
  • Tax Value
  • Price Payed Pre-tax
  • Price Payed After tax
  • Currency 
  • Owner Salutation
  • Owner Firstname
  • Owner Surname
  • Owner Email
  • Owner company name
  • Owner Street
  • Owner Zipcode
  • Owner City
  • Owner Country
  • Ticket Date
  • Tax type valid
  • Member n.
  • Ticket Selfcollect
  • Distributed Booking

Manually created exports can now be marked as "global" which means this export is available in all your other events too.

To do this, select the fields for your export. Scroll down and:

- Click on Show preview

- Click on Add to favourites

The below box will appear, with the Global option for your export.

Custom query field "file upload" is now also available in the export module in tab "Additional information".

Registration - Helpdesk - Cancel an order

You can now also overwrite the vat value when cancelling an order.

Speaker Invitation - not showing date and times

The display of times and dates of presentations and sessions in the invitation module can be deactivated for an event.
Ff you are interested in it, please contact our support.

Registration - Auto booking tickets

Fixing an issue in which the popup with the ticket description was not working for auto booking tickets.