Further information will follow till release

E-Mail change in new Profile

In the new profile participants can change their e-mail address again. After changing they get an e-mail with a link to verifiy their e-mail address.

E-Mail change in Registration - Helpdesk

Is now available again on www.m-anage.com 

Co-Author order

The order of co- authors in the public program is now the same sort as set in Program - Session Manager - edit a Session - Presentations & Posters.

Public Program

Fixing the height of the grey background area so they start with the first sessions of the day.

Export of "New custom queries"

You can now also export the information your participants entered in the new custom querie. Same way as for the "old custom queries" the values are available in the Registration - Exports.

Registration - Ticket info popup

Is now working again.

Certificate Desktop Module

The EFN input can be hidden, just deactivate in the cme - setup.