In response to the new GDPR regulations and in order to ensure data handling compliance, we have made a few changes to our login page.
Hereby is a little overview of the changes you will encounter, together with some clarifications.

New look Login page

  • Help:  here you will find imprint info
  • Register:  this is where new participants (those without an existing account) can register
  • Login: this button now appears on the top right corner of the login page. Existing users can login here, using their existing email account (a confirmation email will be sent to this address in order to verify it – more on this and on the new register/log in process in general is highlighted in the attached PDF)
  • Adjustments to the event login page can be done via the event setup:

It is possible to adjust the login page to improve the user’s experience.  This can be done through the event set up. Simply go to your event, open the Administration menu and select Setup: here you will be able to enter all information relative to your event, which will then appear onto the Event Login page.

Please see screenshots below.

Administration – Setup - BASICS

Number 1 corresponds to the event date range and to the event short name; 

Number 2 is the name of the event;     

Number 4 is the name of the organisation. 

1,2 and 4 are no longer visible, as no setup exists we removed. 

Administration – Setup – LOGIN

Number 3 corresponds to any welcome or info text you might like users to see upon logging in;

Number 5 is the ticker text, this will appear and scroll on the bottom of your event page.

Logo and Background

You will be able to add some design features to your event page, such as logo and background. You can do this from:

Administration – Setup – DESKTOP & LOGO

  • Your event logo can be uploaded here
  • Your event background/wallpaper can be uploaded here


Tiles, that is the text boxes appearing under the event banner (in the example above these are: Login and Registrierung) can also be created according to your preferences. This is done within the Company Area, however is currently only possible through our Administrators (Development - Setup).

Should you wish to implement tiles on the bottom of the page, for an easier way to redirect to the register or login page for example, please ask your account manager. 

Please note, tiles are currently available in two sizes (see example below) On mouse-over a button is shown with the link (screenshot 2). Your account manager will also be able to help you to set up links to different webpages.

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2: