These changes are going to affect Changes affecting clients’ own separate databases will follow.

Input Setup and User merge

For now are not available for eventmanagers anymore.

New Login page

To ensure GDPR compliancy in data security we have introduced a new Login page for Events, Membership and Profiles.

You will be able to adapt the event Login page. To do that, please go to New Event Login Setup

Both new and existing users will be required to confirm their email address to be able to proceed.

The confirmation email link will be available for 48 hours, after which a new email link will need to be sent. This can be done by clicking on the relevant button, when logging in.

On clicking the confirmation email, users will be asked to update their password, so that it complies with GDPR regulations.  

Accordingly: "The password must contain at least 8 characters one number, a capital letter and a special character." 

Please note, only the following special characters are accepted: 

# $ ^ + ? = ! * ( ) [ ] { } @ % & - + = " ' ; , 

In case the email address is not confirmed within 48 hours, the below page will then appear upon logging in. A new confirmation email can then be requested.

For existing m-anage users, the below page will appear, prompting them to reset their password, in compliance with the new GDPR regulation.

After doing this, they will get an e-mail with a link for them to click on to confirm their email address. This link will again expire after 48 hours.

New Profile


Upon successfuly logging in, with their new password, users will see the below page. The "My activities" tab will show all events and societies users were last logged into. 

This view also appears when you log in directly via, or upon clicking on ‘my account’ in the Event context.

Clicking on a logo will redirect users to the relevat event's or society's desktop.

The tab ‘profile’ is where you can edit your personal data; the tab ‘password’ is where you can change your passwords. 

In the tab ‘Emails’ all emails that were sent to you through are listed, and the tab 'Documents' allows you to store documents.

Logging into an event via a third party

You and your participants are required to confirm your consent to your personal data being used for logging into an event via a third party.

Password change

You are still able to change the password for your participants from the backoffice (via Registration, User and Society Helpdesk). 

To do so, you need to tick ‘I have the rights to change the password for the user’.

If the user had not already created a new GDPR compliant password, then the screen below will appear.

If the user has already set a new GDPR compliant password, then the below screen will appear. 

Exports changes (these will affect all databases after the release)

For Default exports, and for those exports generated in Registration-Exports, a password should be activated. 

To set this password, please go to Administration – Setup.(see below screenshot)

Once this is done, your exports and zip exports will be password protected.

The window above will then appear everytime users want to open a password-protected Export.

For Membership Exports, a password can be activated via the Membership module: go to Membership – Basic – Set password for export


Oneclick-Access links (e.g. mLinkLoginm and mSocietyOneClickAccessm) will no longer send participants directly to an event or society, but will now redirect users to the event's 

or society's login page.

Function logins (e.g. for speakers program import) will continue to work as before.

Those existing users who have received a Oneclick-Access link but have not yet completed the new GDPR password process, nor have agreed to the new Terms and Conditions, will be sent to ‘Update your m-anage account’. 

There they will be required to set a password, and agree to the new Terms and Conditions. Once this is done, they will be sent to the

JMT shall inform you as soon as Oneclick-Access links will take you directly to the Event's or Society's log in page once again.

Third-party registration

To be able to register someone else, you will be asked to tick the ‘I confirm I have consent to use this person’s data’ tickbox.

In addition, new participants will receive an email informing them that their personal data has been used, and asking them to contact the organiser immediately should they not agree to this use.

An example of the Participant’s personal details page (containing all personal information data fields) is attached below.

To inform participants that a third party has registered them to an event, an individual template can be created and uploaded onto Mail - Templates (an example is attached at the bottom).

To inform participants that they have been registered as a Member, an individual template can be  created and uploaded onto "Setup Mail Templates - m-ange user - created by".

When adding a new member in Membership, you will also have to tick  "I confirm to have the consent to use this person´s data." (see below)

The same consent tickbox will appear when adding an abstract author, or a presenter within abstract submission.