These changes will be coming for (our separated systems may follow afterwards).

New Loginpage

To handle data security topics we introduce a new login page for events, memberships and profiles.

You can adapt the event login page, for that please see following New Event Login Setup

New users and existing users will have to confirm their e-mail address before they can enter.
They have 48 hours time for the activation afterwards they will not be able to login, but they can also resend the confirmation email.

Also they need to update their passwords regarding our new password policy:
"Passwords must be at least 8 characters in length and contain at least one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter, and one number"

Password change

You can still change the password of your participants but you have to confirm "I have the rights to change the password for the user."

Exports (this change is on every system after release)

For the default exports and also exports generated in Registration - Exports a password protection can be activated.

Just set a password in Administration - Setup.

After that excel exports and zip exports are password protected


They will no longer redirect directly in an event, they will direct your participants to the event login page.

Function logins will still work as before (as no real account is created).

Foreign Registration

Your participants can´t enter an e-mail address of another participant anymore in the registration and group registration and also abstract submission for adding other authors and presenter.

In addition they have to confirm that they are allowed to enter personal data of someone else.

When you enter a new participant in the helpdesk input e-mail address is no longer available. 

Same for editing a participant in the helpdesk.