You can now also combine speaker invitation with abstract submission. This abstract submission is a shorten process and doesn´t contains all steps.

To activate it use the checkbox in "Program - Setup - Invitation Setup".

In the module "Speaker Invitation" you will see in the last column "Abstract edit" for all pending or accepted presentations.

For the abstract the presenter can enter an abstract title and also abstract text via a WYSIWYG Editor.
The shown text comes from the Word-template for submission (.doc or .docx). Which must be uploaded in Abstract - Setup - Templates.

Button "Publish" is just for marking the abstract as "done" the presenter can still edit the abstract afterwards.

The presenter can edit their abstracts till the deadline for the speaker invitiation module is reached.

When the deadline is reached or no deadline for the module "Speaker invitation" is set, you will see "create abstracts" in the "Invitiation Helpdesk".

After "Create abstracts" you will find them in the abstract helpdesk, following will be created:

- Word files with the entered text

- Abstract title with the entered text

- Abstract submitter, author and presenter are set with the invited speaker

- Abstract status is 100% and published

Mailing to the invited speakers to remind them to edit their abstracts

When you select role "Author" and activate "Invited speakers without abstract description" in the massmailing
you get a list of a all presenters who didn´t "publish" their abstract.