General Input fields

For following inputs the 36 signs restriction are gone:

  • Department
  • Clinic
  • Institute
  • Postal Code

Program - Session Manager - Co Presenter

You can now add a "Co-Presenter" to a presentation. These co-authors can be seen in the public program module and
also for program exports with mergefield "mPresentationCoSpeakerSurnamem".

You can also choose from the speaker database or add a new one.

Here how it looks like in the external program

Cancel - Template

Following new mergefields are available:

  • mCancelledInvoiceNumberm
  • mCancelledInvoiceCreateDatem

Speaker invitation - Template

Following new mergefields are available:

  • mSessionDatem (only date of the session)
  • mSessionStartTimem(start time of session)
  • mSessionEndTimem (end time of session)

New WYSIWYG Editor

Fixed an issue when saving content in code view wasn´t saving the content.

Also "no content" in html ressources are now empty. 

New Export "e-Poster presentations by categorie in word"

Attached below an default template, the upload is in "Mail - Templates"
and the content is all presentations "m|anage Presentationtyp Poster" grouped after abstract category and sorted after presentation number.

Membership - New date picker

For the membership a new date picker is available in the member details, this value can be exported in the export module and the ui text can be changed via "lblMembershipCardDelivery".