Abstract Submission - Summary Page

When using affliation addresses you can define the sort of the shown affliation addresses on the summary page.

Following sorts are available:

- Same sort as the authors

- In order of create date

- Affiliations in alphabetical order

Abstract Review

Rejected votings are not included anymore in calculating average value in Review - Helpdesk or in exports.

Abstract Submission - Affiliation adress

Mandatory fields can now be definied via Administration - Input Setup - Abstract (at the bottom). 

You have to add the fields again as the default values can´t be edit.

Following fields are available:

  • Institute
  • Department
  • Clinic
  • Street
  • Zipcode
  • Country

External Program

Popup of a session shows now the same order of session chairs as set in the program - session manager.

Registration - Final page

For custom modules the text of the "next" button can be changed via ui ressources "CustomModuleNext_txt".

VAT free Registration for spanish VAT no.

In Registration - Basic Setup - Wizard - Paytype Setup you can activate it for french and spanish vat no.

New Custom Queries

For the new custom queries (can be activated in Registration - Basic Setup, and afterwards added and edited in Registration - Ticket Setup - Custom Queries), a default export is available in Administration - Exports - Registration "excel - custom query export".


Fixed an layout issue with help window in membership area.


Following mergefields are now also available in mailings to abstract submitter, in merge table "TheAbstracts".

Attached an example file with the mergefields: 

  • mPresentationPresenterm
  • mPresentationTypem
  • mPresentationDatem
  • mPresentationStartTimem
  • mPresentationEndTimem
  • mAbstractInterestm