User Merge

Fixing an issue of merging two users which are chairs of the same session.

Helpdesk Search

Now also supports special signs like æ ø å ă ţ ê õ ç ş for following helpdesks:

  • Membership Helpdesk
  • Registration helpdesk
  • Groups mission Control

Custom Module

Chaning the name of the module no longer overwrites value of the ui ressource anymore.

Virtual Meeting - Separate template for abstracts

For the virtual meeting a separate template for abstracts can be used now. Just upload an abstract export template in "Abstract - Setup - Templates - Word template for abstract export in virtural meeting".

Afterwards just click on "Create job for pdf generating". Depending on how many abstracts you have this can take a while, after page refresh or visiting this page later an entry appears when the job is finished. 

Custom queries - New element

You can add an info text without function with element "Label".

Account Movement Template

Deactivating download in Helpdesk - Account / Group account when no template is uploaded.

New Mergefield mInvoiceCreateDatem

Date and time of created invoice, can be used for billing templates and reciept.

File Upload

Automatically renaming file names with special characters to avoid issues (for e.g. templates and profile pictures).

Abstract Review

Showing the score of the reviewed abstracts in the details popup.

Invitation Module

"Send" invitiation is deactivated for speakers and chairs who already accepted or rejected all slots.

When using different templates for different session types the table of the shown presentations are now only show the corresponding presentations.


Fixing an issue in which the background picture was no longer shown in the background anymore.

Function "Enable automatic type selection in wizard (for Renewals)" also now works for member types which are restricted to specific user roles.

Apple Wallet Functionality

In Registration - Basic Setup the Wallet functionality can be activated. A logo for the wallet and also max 10 locations can be set (longitude and latiude).

The wallet will be send with any invoice which contains at least one admission ticket.