1. Personal Program 

Your participants can now also login here to see their related program items (chair and speaker commitments).
For chairs a setting is available in Program - Setup - "Add session chair slots to personal program". 

In addtion they can also mark sessions to add to their personal program.

This imtes can also be offered as pdf download. The template which can be used is Mail - Templates "personalProgramDownload".
A Default template is attached at the bottom.

A legend of the color scheme can be added to the program (activate in Program - Setup "Show legend of groups" and "Show legend of types")  

The external program can also be used without login and favourite function.

2. External Program in combination with Invitation Module

For pending invitations of presenters and chairs you can replace their names with e.g. "TBD".
In Program - Setup you can activate "Hide pending speakers and chairs" and set the to replaced text (can also be empty).

3. Define chair function 

Instead of only showing the function "Chair" you can also set more specific roles, e.g. Moderator or Assistant.

In Program Setup - 4 values can be set. Default all chairs are still chairs so no changes in general are needed.

In "Session - Chairs" you can select one of the four values (default: Chair), to activate for external program please activate in Program - Setup "Display type of chairs"

Which will be shown in the external program.

4. Separating Industry Sessions from Scientific Sessions

You can show only specific sessions in the external program. This can be achieved via session types, you can define if the session type is "Scientific" or "Industry".

This can be achieved via special parameters in the url for the external program. If you are interested please contact our support team.