Abstract - Late Edit

You can now also hide the abstract upload to prevent abstract changes in the late change.
Here the entry to the original feature description:

Abstract Late change feature

Abstract Submission - Summary page

Interests are now also shown on the summary page (when in use for your abstract submission).
For the summary page an ui ressource exists to rename the label for interests"lblAbstractConfigFiInterest_Header_txt."

Print Center

Download of a print preview bigger than 1 GB is now possible.

User rights

Fixing an issue for users with rights e.g. "Hostess" or "Helpdesk" not seeing the main navigation.

Program - Mission Control - Conflicts

Fixing an issue when no offset time are set for sessions that no conflicts were shown.


Minor design update for the login page.

Member fee types have now an additional input for "Description", this can be used for invoices and payment reciept via mergefield "mDescription2m". 

Export "ticket booking details"

Columns "Order owner Company name" and notes of the group visitors were added (can be added in helpdesk - edit a group operator - group).


The search in the profile helpdesk was optimized:

- e.g.  Müller can now be found with "Müller" and also with "Muller" (for non german users).

- Search now starts with input "Enter" on the keyboard.

- Search for country is now also available here.