In the invitation helpdesk you have now an additional "Information Setup".
Here you can create info texts for your speakers and session chairs, depending on presentation and session types.

The invitation module for the enduser was updated regarding design.

Also now other session chairs are shown which can be contacted via email.
The set info text will be shown directly under the related session or presentation (only once, not for each entry again and again).
In addition when travel grant information is set for a presenter or session chair they are shown at the bottom. When nothing is set this additional texts are not shown.

You can also set individually texts for your presenters or chairs, just edit in the invitation helpdesk, and select the slot which info text you want to edit.
This will overwrite an exisiting default text (when exisiting).

In addition when for the module itself a deadline is set (Administration - Modules), it automatically shows the date.