For abstract submission you can activate an order process, for eg. a "Late submission fee".
For that you can activate a paytype in Registration - Basic Setup - Payment. Only supported paygates for now are Saferpay and Ogone.

For setting a price and uploading a billing template go to Abstract - Abstract Setup - Submission Fee.

In the billing template all mergefields are available as in the default billing template and in addition "mAbstractNumberm" and "mAbstractTitlem".
An example template is attached at the bottom.

To activate the payment just set the step "SubmitPayment" in Abstract - Setup - Wizard. This will automatically set it as mandatory. So no abstract can be finally submitted without paying.

On the payment page following ui ressources are available:

  • lblPaymentBottom_txt
  • lblPaymentTop_txt
  • lblPaymendError_txt
  • lblPaymendDone_txt

In the abstract helpdesk, you see the same icons as in Registration - Helpdesk for valid and paid abstract submissions (when in use).

In the order details we added the abstract number of the paid abstract.