Open orders - Changing participant Type

Fixed an issue in which not all tickets in an open order were changed to the new participant type.

Foreign order Confirmation - Cancel

When the order was cancelled for someone else the send barcode was deactivated. We changed the process of keeping this barcode. 

For cases in which a new order was created afterwards, so visitors don´t need to get a new foreign order confirmation sent.

Invitation Module - Popup "Reject"

Fixed an issue of not showing country flag icons in the dropdown.

Billing / Cancel Template

A new mergefield "mOrderCreateDatem" is available. This mergefield shows the create date of an order or cancelled order.

Invitation Module - Invitation E-Mail

For the replacer "mLinkSpeakerInvitationm" (which generates a direct link to the invitation module) an ui ressource was created "lblLinkSpeakerInvitation_txt".

Print Setup - Rules

A new print rule was added "OnlyPaidAllValid". This rule checks if all valid orders of a participant are paid.
Compared to "OnlyPaidAll" it ignores open orders.

Invoice - VAT overview

Changed the behaviour of shown VAT. In cases of orders were completly paid via credit note, the VAT shows now a negative value (instead before it was just 0).


For valid not yet paid orders you now also have the "Pay now" function in the backend same as in event context. 

Credit card and direct debit are here available (depending on your paygate).

Membership Templates

In the billing templates also in the receipt template following new mergefields are available:

  1. mMemberTypeCodem
  2. mMemberTypeNamem
  3. mMemberFeeTypeCodem
  4. mMemberFeeTypeNamem

Attached below is an example file.