M-anage Tickets App

Fixing an issue in which bookings for 0 € couldn´t be finished anymore.
For the external booking app the paytypes can be set in Registration - Basic Setup - Payments.

Abstract - Helpdesk

Overview shows now only the abstract title without format (leaded to some view issues).
The tooltip will show in a later release the title with format.


Popup for adding a guest in the hotel process was fixed.

Group Registration

In "Helpdesk - Edit a group operator - Group - Edit a group visitor - Participant type" now all participant types are shown.

Collaboration Module

In addition to acitvate sessions, for the collaboration module, in Programme - Setup, you can now also activate for presentation types (Presentation - Setup - Presentation Types).

Which means that in addition to the shown sessions than also all other sessions with the activated presentation types are also shown.

Cancelled unpaid Orders

The download of cancelled unpaid orders is now active in the helpdesk.

Userole Societyviewer and Societymanager

Fixed an issue when a user had both roles and still just had society viewer rights.

EventsAir Sync

Sync of a single participant is now executed immediately.


Last entered position info (edit a member - tab "Positions") is now also shown in member details (edit a member - Membership).