Paygate Computop

Was adapted to new urls as computop will switch the urls from to

Paygate Getspay

This paygate can now also be used in m-anage for self registration, group registration and membership. 

If you are interested using this paygate provider please contact our support.

Program - Planer

The parked sessions (not connected to room) are now also shows the session type color also contains session short and number.

In the popup for adding a session, you can now more than one session without opening the popup again. You can deactivate it next to the save button in the "continue" checkbox.

In the session details you can now also add session chairs (it will link to the session details in program, and on click "back" you get back to the popup).

Self registration - Ticket overview

When a participant try to finish a registration without selecting a ticket, a popup will remind the participant to add at least one ticket.

External program

Fixing the view of html texts in session details and abstract details.

Also text changes for the separate poster view are now working.

External Tickets App

Fixing an issue of not shown tickets because no date was set.

Also that tickets with a date are no longer shown after the start time instead of end time.

Info panel (bottom of m-anage)

The setting of deactivating the info panel was fixed (can be set in "Event - Setup -  Desktop & Logo - Context panel").

Group Registration Advanced - Import

Fixed an issue in the excel import which handled the email address still as a mandatory field, even if not set.


Fixed an issue in following exports in which the column tax showed wrong values when tickets had different VAT percentages.

  • Overview paid orders in Excel
  • order overview

Abstract Word Export

Following new mergefields are available:

  • mAbstractFinalTypem (from the review helpdesk)
  • mAbstractFinalTypeShortm (from the review helpdesk)
  • mAbstractPresentationTitlem (when connected to a session)