Abstract Submission - Email "successful submission"

Fixing an issue in which special signs in the abstract title are not shown correctly in the email.

Export - Sessions Excel

Now also contains value "Session status" (none, private and public).

Programme - Setup - Rooms

Fixing an issue in which the popup for editing rooms got smaller with every call.

Membership - Member fees

When a fee is set for "ALL", additional fees could not be set anymore.

Namebadge - Ticket overview

Name of room can now also be shown on namebadge print, attached below an updated template

Multisale tickets

Which were introduced in, here the infos Registration - Multi Sale Tickets can now also be used in combination with an active contingent.

Membership - Email Template - Membership Profile

Following new mergefields are available in the template:





Programme - Session Manager - Conflict info

When adding a speaker or chair to a session or presentation a popup warns about time conflicts (when existing).

Membership - Remote Control

You can now also do a remote control on your memers or applicants, same effect as in event context. You will see an additonal arrow in the Helpdesk and Application Control.

Membership - Account

In membership you can now also add account movements to a member without an order (same behaviour as in event). Please have a billing template uploaded for paytype "none".