Registration - Helpdesk - Search

Fixing an issue when search showed no result after using the paging.

Registration - Country dropdown

Fixing an issue for Internet Explorer 11 in which the dropdown showed no elements on click.

Speaker Invitation Module

Fixed an issue where invitations emails were not send to a session chair.

External Programme
System buttons like "back" or "Save for Outlook" are now taking the default event language.

Registration - Ticket Setup - Participants

The sorts at the top are now working again.

Group Registration Advanced - Import

When users are not imported because of missing mandatory fields, you get a popup which shows which user was not imported and which field is missing.

Membership "Pay Now"

You can offer your members to pay invoices also afterwards via credit card. Same procedure as in event context.
If you are interested in this feaure for your membership please contact our support.

Membership - Payment reminder

You can upload a template for "payment reminder" in Membership - Setup - Email Templates (same mergefields available as in membership invoice).

After uploading you see in the order tab of a member (only for unpaid orders) an additional "Download" and "Send Email" for the payment reminder email. 

Membership - Positions
For every member you have now an additional tab in which you can add additional infos. The shown headlines can be changed via ui ressources.