Desktop Modules - Restrict visibilities

In addition to acvitate a module for specific user roles, you can now also exclude user roles who should not access it.

Desktop Module - Custom service

When existing in your event, on the order done pages for self registration or group registration they will also be shown there.

Group Registration Advanced - Import

  • Fixing an issue when importing postal codes with letters and numbers.
  • Showing feedback when two different participants having the same email address in the import list.
  • Automatically removing spaces in field e-mail.
  • Showing a list of participants which couldn´t be imported because of missing data.  

Voucher document for group operator 

Fixing an issue in which the voucher document of a group operator was sent after sending his/her reciept of a group order.

This will no longer be sent (only when the group operator bought a ticket for him/herself).

Module Speaker Invitation 

Fixing an issue in which session types are still active for invitation also they were afterwards deactivated for "Chair Invitation". 

Registration - Exports

Following new values are available for the export module:

  • Ticket booking amount (amount of tickets someone bought)
  • Ticket booking share (amount of tickets somone bought for someone else eg. group registration)
  • Personal collector (barcode value of personal collector, when order exists)
  • Foreign collector (barcode value of foreign collector, when order exists)
  • Group collector (barcode value of group visitor collector, when order exists)


Following new settings are available in Setup - Application:

1. Disable `Professional data` in wizard

When activated this step is no longer shown in the application process

2. Enable automatic type selection in wizard (for Renewals)

When activated a member is no longer asked which membertype he/she choose. As long the membertype still exists.
This is for keeping the renewal process shorter.

3. Automatic sending of invoice E-mail
When acitvated at the end of the application process (or renewal) the invoice will be sent via email.

Fixing an issue for multilanguage memberships, in which after login the language was switched.