A new feature is introduced in which you can activate VAT free tickets for french participants (self registration and group registrations).

In addition to enter a VAT number in th self- or group registration process, this VAT number can be checked for a valid french VAT number and allows to get the tickets VAT free.

This setting can be found in Registration - Basic Setup - Wizard - "Enable validation of FR `VAT Number` for VAT free".

To use it in addition the VAT number input must be activated:

For self registration

Registration - Basic Setup - Wizard - "Show `VAT Number` query in paytype step"

For group registration

Groups - Group Setup - "Show `VAT Number` query in paytype step"

In the Registration - Helpdesk - Edit a participant - Orders, also a VAT number can be add or edit for an order. 

But in case of finished orders (paid or valid) the VAT will not be recalculated (only for open orders).