Spotlight Search

Fixing an issue searching names with special signs.

Registration - Basic Setup - Templates - "Ticket collector"

Mergefield mVisitorIDm is now available in the voucher templates. 

Registration - Ticket Type Setup

Fixing an issue of the sort number for ticket types which were added via Programme - Connect. Before that the sort number was for all "1".

Registration - Basic Setup - Wizard

The checkbox mandatory option for the "VAT" input, has not shown the right value after page reload. 

Badge Print

Repladcer "mContactPicturem" can now also be used as a image mergefield.

User Merge
Fixing an issue merging two group visitors with both having "Congress Bag" info.


Following new mergefields are available for billing templates and email template "receipt"

  • mOrderPayAmountm
  • mOrderPayDiffm (Difference between order sum and paid amount)

A new input "Maiden Name" is available for the membership. When you want this activated please contact our support.

Fixing an issue where orders couldn´t be deleted in the membership.

Checkbox 'Deceased" can now be deactivated in Membership - Setup - Application - "Hide deceased checkbox in helpdesk details".


1. Logo of the membership are now shown in the profile desktop.

2. Login new to an event via profile event page the "Welcome E-mail" is now sent from event (when existing).

3. Memberships on the "Desktop" shows different texts depending on users member status (Apply now, Renew Membership and Society Desktop)