New Userroles available (can be set in Administration - User Helpdesk)

- ManagingBoard (Read only access for Review Helpdesk and Presentation Helpdesk)

- Hostess Posterdesk (Read only access for Presentation Helpdesk)

Registration - Helpdesk - Creating a Helpdesk Order

You can now also delete the position "Paytype Fee" in a created order (till now only possible to set it "0").

Event Setup - UI Texts
We optimized the search for the ui ressource via text search. Now additional spaces (from the copied text) will be ignored so it is easier to find results.

Additional optimizations will follow in upcoming releases.

Abstract Helpdesk

The length for input "Abstract short" was optimized (is longer).

Export - Visitors (incl. images)
The links to the profile pictures was missing and is now included again.

Registration - Billing template
Followin new mergefields can be used in the mergetable "OrderPosition" (template for self registration or group registration):

  • mTicketDatem
  • mTicketTimemm
  • TicketDescriptionm

Program Setup - Copy Program

You can now when creating a new event also copy the whole program from one of your older events.

This should only be done once. As this will not reset the exisisting program data.
Following will be copied:

  • Rooms
  • Session Groups
  • Session Types
  • Sessions (date adjusted to the new event date)
  • Presentation types