Abstract Review

Voters can download in the abstract review a pdf of the to be reviewed abstract.
For this generated file the abstract category can be included in the pdf.

Just activate in Review - Setp - Evaluation Sheet - "Download contains category"

COI Helpdesk

Selected search filter is no longer lost after switching to another page in the list.

Programm - Session Manager

You can now also search for:

- presentation titles

- speakers (name, surname and e-mail address)

- chairs (name, surname and e-mail address)


1. You as an eventmanger can now edit prices on the summary page for an open order. Also when creating an order in the helpdesk.


2. In the Hotel - Helpdesk also an additional guest can be added to a room reservation. This information will be added to the default export "Hotelbookings (Reservations) with guests" in Administration - Exports - Hotel.


Membership - Logo

Fixed an issue that the logo was overlapping eg. input fields.

Membership - Export

Following new values are available:

  • LastOrderNote
  • LastOrderNumber