After you setup your program in the event you can afterwards invite your speakers and session chairs.

So they can accept their slots for presentations or as session chairs. If they can not take part they can reject or suggest another person.

For that you have a new setting in presentation setup and programm session manager.

In Presentation Setup - Presentation Types - edit a presentation type you can activate the speaker invitation for every presentation type.

In Programme - Setup you can activate the session chair invitation for every session type.

In "Program - Setup" you will find two new pages:

  • Invitation Setup (here you can add default reject reasons)
  • Templates (here you can upload a template for the invitation e-mail, an example is attached here to the entry)

In Program - Invitation Helpdesk you get an overview of your invitations


Following functions are available:

- Search for users

- Filter after invitation status

- Send e-mails

- Overwrite invitation status

For the enduser a new desktop module "Program Invitiations" is available.

This module is only visible for users which also appears in the invitation helpdesk.


Here you can accept your slots or suggest someone else or just reject.


In case of reject, the user can select one of the default values (which can be set in Program - Setup - Invitation Setup) and / or enter a text.


In the helpdesk you see when a user accepted, rejected or suggested someone. The reject info will be shown in a popup.


In cases of "rejected" you as an eventmanager can suggest someone else or even undo when needed.

The process will start than again.

When somebody else was suggested and afterwards is accepted in the helpdesk you can send him/her an invitation e-mail. After him/her accepted it the slot will be automatically updated with the new speaker or session chair.