Letter of Invitation - Desktop Module

The dropdown which contains the visitors for a LOI request is now sorted by surname only (before that it was also sorted after title which was not helpful).

In addition you can also enter a name in the dropdown for searching.

Programme - Session Manager

When updating or setting a date of a session in "Manual Mode" the corresponding presentations will also automatically get the new date (no time update).

Print count

Fixing an issue in which the print count was still "1" for cancelled and already printed templates.

Event Setup - Basics - Mail Reply Addresses

You can now also set a mail reply adress for emails related to abstracts and registrations.

Merge table "ThePresentations"
Now sort the shown presentations after date of presentation and start times.

Membership - Statistics

In the membership a new page is available which shows three charts:

1. All paid and valid members sorted after member types.

2. Countries from which your members come from.

3. Amount of applications per month and year.

Membership - Member types

Member types can now also be restricted after countries and birthday.

Setup can be found in Membership - Setup - Memberfees - Edit a Member type.