Collaboration Module

Sessions are no longer shown twice when presenter has more than one presentation slot in the same session.

Abstract Submission - "Prevent continuous capitalization"

This function was introduced last release, for keywords this is now deactivated because of abbreviations.

Group Registration Advanced - Distribution
When you eg. distribute tickets on page 3 (of your participant list) now you will no longer thrown back to page 1 you will stay on the same page.

COI Module
When an author declares no general conflict of interests, the process is now shorten. No more additional data has to be filled out.

An author has to finish the coi module before he/she can start the presentation upload. When author starts the presentation upload a popup appears as reminder to fill out the coi information.

For this popup following new ui ressources are available:

  • lblPresentationCOI_Headline_txt
  • lblPresentationCOI_Description_txt
  • btnDesktop_txt
  • btnMyCoi_txt

Now also for valid orders (not yet paid) the invoice address can be changed and send via e-mail in the Helpdesk.