You can now activate an additional query for the abstract submission. This can be activated in Abstract - Abstract-Setup - Basic Settings - "Study groups".

In the abstract submission step author, the abstract submitter can add data of a study group. This is no mandatory input.

This is the input page for study group

After adding a study group and adding another author, the created study group will be shown on the left side, and can be added fast for other authors of the abstract.

This list on the left side shows all study groups added for the same abstract.

Study groups with same name will be shown in the name input for a quick select. So a data overflow from same study groups will be minimized.

After selecting an existing study groups the data from this group will be loaded (Institute, Country.. when existing).
If a submitter does changes at an existing study group a copy will be added, the data of the existing study group will not be changed.

Additional functions will be added in upcoming releases (also maybe workflow changes).