Navigation Change

The e-mail templates moved from Event Setup - Templates to Mail - Templates.

Abstract Submission - CSS changes

  • The icons of the progress bar are updated, also now links to the corresponding page
  • The arrows next to the page are now also linked.

Abstract Submission - Template Check

Until now the system checked if the offered template is used and also if the uploaded abstract file is the same file type.
Now the system will only check if the template was used and also accept the uploaded file as .doc or docx.

Self Registration / Group Registration - Update Open orders

On the final order page an additional check is built-in to check if the ticket price is up-to-date.
There is a message shown to the participant when prices are changed for his / her order.

This was an issue for open orders which contained tickets from a discount time which was already expired.

Group Registration Advanced

When this mode is in use we additional hide in "Registration - Helpdesk - Edit a Group operator - Group" the dropdown "Create Order".
This function created old group orders which are not working combined with group registration advanced.

Event Setup - Events

This overview is now sorted after event date descending (oldest event is on bottom of the list).

Presentation Upload in combination with "LinkedtoCOI"

For uploading presentations in the "Presentation - Helpdesk" it is no longer needed that the corresponding desktop module "Presentation Upload" is activated.

Deleting Sessions

Sessions used in combination with the new COI-Module can now also be deleted.

Registration - Improvement

If only one participant type is available for a visitor it is now automatically choosen. When more than one is available then the existing dropdown will be shown.

Membership - BCC E-mail Input

It was not possible to delete an existing entry. Now you can also afterwards decide to not get all the e-mails from the membership in blind copy.

COI Module

  • Fixing an issue where country was not shown in the coi confirmation e-mail
  • The free text input for declaration is now not mandatory anymore.
  • On the summary page an additional finish button is added.

Membership - Member Fees
Fixed an issue where inputs for cancelation fee and credit were not updated anymore.

Membership - Edit a member

When you entered or changed an e-mail address of a member or an applicant it was possible to enter additional spaces before or after the e-mail.

Now additional spaces will be removed after saving.

Also profile picture can now be deleted (on click on "edit profile picture").

Template Payment Reminder

This template can now also be used for partial group orders and for orders with paytype none (eg. paid with credit).