Please find attached a default billing template which can be used for the self registration (Registration - Basic Setup - Templates - Billing Templates).

You can use one template for all paytypes when uploading just a default template, or you can also upload different templates for different paytypes and even different participant types.

Important to know

  • Order overview must be set as a table (like in the template), when you adapt this table the general table structure must stay the same. Design changes like font, colors or table background color can be changed.
  • Before and after the order table the mergefields mTicketBookingSectionStartm and mTicketBookingSectionEndm must be set.

Following mergefields can also be used (compared to the attached template) for the invoice address

  • ​mI-AdditionalNamem
  • mI-CompanyNamem
  • mI-Institutem
  • mI-Department1m
  • ​mI-Department2m

Following mergefields can also be used in general (not in the order details table)

  • mOrderOwnerm
  • mOrderNumberExtm
  • mPONumberm (purchase order number, can be activated in the Registration - Basic - Setup - Wizard)
  • mVATNumberm (can be activated in the Registration - Basic - Setup - Wizard)

Following additional mergefields can be used in the "OrderDetails" table

  • mVisitorFirstSurNamem  (Same as mVisitorFullNamem but without title of participant)

In addition you can also show details from the sessions (when the tickets are related to a session), please find attached a template version which includes the session infos.