Please find attached a default billing template which can be used for the self registration (Registration - Basic Setup - Templates - Billing Templates).

You can use one template for all paytypes when uploading just a default template, or you can also upload different templates for different paytypes and even different participant types.

Important to know

  • Order overview must be set as a table (like in the template), when you adapt this table the general table structure must stay the same. Design changes like font, colors or table background color can be changed.
  • Before and after the order table the mergefields mTicketBookingSectionStartm and mTicketBookingSectionEndm must be set.

Following mergefields can also be used (compared to the attached template) for the invoice address

  • mI-AdditionalNamem
  • mI-CompanyNamem
  • mI-Institutem
  • mI-Department1m
  • mI-Department2m

Following mergefields can also be used in general (not in the order details table)

  • mOrderOwnerm
  • mOrderNumberExtm
  • mPONumberm (purchase order number, can be activated in the Registration - Basic - Setup - Wizard)
  • mVATNumberm (can be activated in the Registration - Basic - Setup - Wizard)

Following additional mergefields can be used in the "OrderDetails" table

  • mVisitorFirstSurNamem  (Same as mVisitorFullNamem but without title of participant)

In addition you can also show details from the sessions (when the tickets are related to a session), please find attached a template version which includes the session infos.

VATs only related to order value

New Mergefields for the VAT table is available which shows the vat amount only related to the order value instead of order sum.
In case you need an invoice which ignores used credit notes for shown vat.

An example template can be downloaded below. 

VAT amount