Since the last release the COI Module is available, so presenter can declare their conflict of interests.

These entered information can now be reused for the presentation upload to add an addtional slide to the presentation of the presenter (only for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations).

In Presentation - Setup you can create a disclosure with setting "LinkedToCoi"

In Programme - COI Setup, you can enter a shorter version of your COI questions, which will be used in the addition coi-slide.

In the presentation submission the answers of the COI module will be shown and in addtion the name of the presenter at the beginning also the company names at the end.

This text will be added to the uploaded presentation.

Here also the new ui ressources for the first and last line:

1. lblCoiSlide_Header_txt (here the text is "Author:")

2. lblCoiSlide_CompanyNames_txt (here the text is "Companies, I worked for in the last 3 years:")