Registration - Ticket Type Setup

As group registration advanced replaces the old module "Industry Booking" the functionality "Multitickets" is now longer available.

Registration - Helpdesk

The sort for "Account" is now working as accepted again.

Abstract - Votingsystem - (Schulnote 1-6)

When this votingsystem is in use now the export "ecxel - abstracts" now take in account that note 1 is better as eg. note 6.
In Review - Helpdesk also the function "Finalize threshold" works in this setting as expected.

Group Registration Advanced orders
It was possible after the payment with an external paytype to set an order to open again when user used the browser history back function after the payment.
Now this will no longer affect the status of an order.

Registration - Helpdesk - Edit a group operator - Group
In the last release an additional download of the ticket pickup document was added for a whole group (Dropdown "Voucher download").
Here are now all mergefields working as the ticket pickup document in the group registration advanced module.

COI - New UI Ressources
When deadline of the COI module is reached the presenter will be informed of the status of his/her coi data (eg. deadline reached no further changes possible, Personal data is missing...)
  • lblDeadlineReached_txt
  • lblStatusUserDataIncomplete_txt
  • lblStatusAddressDataIncomplete_txt
  • lblStatusConditionDataIncomplete_txt

Presentation - Upload

You can now also add an additional photo upload step for your presenters.
This upload is the profile picture of your presenters and can be activated in Presentation - Setup.

Membership - Directory
The member infos are now shown in following order:
  • Name
  • Email
  • Institute (cut to 50 chars, tooltip shows the complete institute
  • Street
  • ZipCode City
  • Country

Also expired members are no longer shown in the Directory.

Membership - Administration
  • Orders from a member now sorted after "last paid date" in the "Orders" tab.
  • Also in the member details the download of "Latest invoice" generates now always the invoice of the last paid order. 
  • In the member details the "LOR" document of the members can now be deleted.
  • In the member details the correspondance address can now be deleted.

Public Programme
  • When a session group was set for a session and afterwards the session group was deleted, opening this session in the public programme leaded to an error.
  • Fixed an issue with Google Chrome regarding wrong dates because ot time zone settings.

My Account - E-Mail History
An additional paging was added to the overview.

Export - "TicketContingent Excel"
Now also contain the ticket type description text.