This module can be used if you need information about conflict of interests from your presenters.
Everytime one of your presenters login to your event they will get a popup to remind them to fill out the COI information.

A new setup is available in Programm - COI Setup.

For that some new functions are available.

1. A new desktop module "My COI" which is only available for userrole "Author" (presenter of a presentation)

2. New Setup, to be found in Programme - COI Setup

COI Setup - Basics

1. Deadline - Here you can set a deadline until the presenters can change their data in the COI Module.

2. Enable ,,Conflict of Interest' desktop popup - Everytime a presenter enter this event a popup will appear, to remind him/her to declare conflicts of interests. Will no longer shown when all data are entered.

3. E-Mail template "COI - Confirmation", when presenter finished his/her COI information this e-mail template will be sent to the presenter. An example template is added at the end.

COI Setup - Conditions

Here you can set conditions for eg. special presentation types, sessions, session types or session groups.You can also just acitvate for eg. for all your presentation types if this query should be available for all presenters.

After setting it up, when a presenter login he/she get following popup (when activated)

The ui text can be edited within ui group "mycoi" ressource "lblCOI_Remark_txt"

Here some examples of the steps in the COI module for the enduser
1. Here the presenter has to say if any conflict of interests exists. (In both cases he/she has to complete personal data and enter at least the actual company address)

2. The needed information can be setup for every event individually.

3. The presenter has to enter his/her actual company address.

3.1. In case the presenter has conflict of interests the additional queries are shown.

3.2. In case no conflict of interests exists the presenter gets following page.

On the summary page the presenter gets an overview of his/her entered data and can send himself/herself an email which contains all entered data.

COI Helpdesk

At the moment following functions are available in the "Programm - COI Helpdesk"

Overview of all presenters which are affected of the coi queries you set in "Programm - COI Setup - Queries".

In column COI you see if the presenter already entered all coi data.

You can export the shown values in the COI Helpdesk and resend the email about the entered COI information to the presenter.

Additional functionalities will follow in the next release.