Abstract Submission
The abstract submission now limits the upload to .doc and docx files and shows an error message to the submitter.

Helpdesk Order

Fixing an issue where you as an eventmanager created a new order for a participant in the Registration Helpdesk (Participant Details - New Order)
it was possible that in this new order also contained participants from an earlier order you created.
This could also happen when you switched to another event.

Public Programme
The days are now shown in the choosen event language when used external the days are shown in the event default language.

Old Group Registration

Fixing an issue when you wanted to create an invoice for a group order, which contains group visitors who donĀ“t have tickets in the order.

New UI texts available

Group Registration Advanced - Distribution page. Can be edited in Event - Setup - UI Texts

  • lblSearch_txt
  • lblSearchParticipants_txt
  • lblItemsPerPage_txt (ressource also used for print center, registration helpdesk and abstract review)
  • lblNoItems_txt (ressource also used for print center, registration helpdesk and abstract review)

Presentation Upload - Conditions

If a condition was linked to e.g. a presentation type twice, it was also shown twice for the presenter in the upload process.

Now it will always be shown once.

Presentation Upload

After deleting an uploaded presentation the main file was deleted but still shown. Only after a page refresh it was no longer shown.

Now an additional page reload was added after deleting.

Print Center - Name of print pdfs

If you generate now print pdfs (single page pdfs - Setting "Page") the file names are now:






This special naming only happens for used templates with only one element per page (e.g. Namebadges not for vouchers because of four elements per page).


If you now add a new member or edit one in the helpdesk his or her "AreaOfInterests" are now saved automatically when leaving the dropdown (instead of additional clicking on save afterwards).

Abstract - Abstract Statistics

Solved an issue where the sort after "countries" generated an error.

Mergefield mCurrentDatem

The output of this mergefield is e.g. "Wednesday, 13 April 2016", the days are now also translated for spanish, french italian and chinese.

Registration Exports - New Values:

  • Participant Note (Can be edit for every participant in the Registration - Helpdesk - Participant details)
  • Order Note (Can be edit in Registration Helpdesk - Edit a participant - Orders)
  • Account Movement: Description (Can be edit by adding an account movement for a participant - not group account)

Module "My Vouchers"

This module will from now on only be visible for participants when a voucher download is available, eg:

- Participant has a paid order

- Participant made an order for someone else (and foreign voucher was not send)