In the Registration Helpdesk, you as an eventmanager can download all vouchers for all associates of a visitor.

This download function is only available when:
1. Registration - Basic Setup - Basics - Setting "Activate collector voucher for registration" is activated
2. When for "personalcollector" and "collector" templates are uploaded in Registration - Basic Setup - Templates

Afterwards you can download the vouchers in the Registration Helpdesk.
You can select single associates or all with the checkbox at the top of the list.

For associates with no valid orders the checkbox is deactivated

The download contains both vouchers

1. The personal collector, marked with a P in the filename
(generated barcode prints all bookings this visitor did himself/herself or were done for him/her)

2. The foreign collector, marked with a F in the filename
(generated barcode print all bookings which were done for him/her from this account)

When this account has no foreign booking for this visitor, no foreign collector will be created in the zip file.