Default export "excel - abstracts"
Now also contains column "Average Voter Value" (export can be found in Administration - Exports - Abstract "excel - abstracts").

Replacer "mLinkLogin" / "mEventDomainm"

Now these replacers will keep their design set in the word document, instead of the default link design of e.g. Outlook.

Old Group Registration - Groups Mission Control

Cancelled and rejected group visitors will no longer influence the color of a group in the groups mission control overview.

Default Export "Account Balance in Excel"

Now contains three additional columns with following values:

  • Timestamp of the last entry on the participant account / group account
  • Last not payed order number
  • Last not payed order timestamp

Foreign Order Confirmation
Fixing an issue, where in the attached pdf of a foreign order confirmation e-mail, the barcode was created of the order owner instead of the visitor.

Country of presenter now available in following exports
- "excel - abstracts"

- "presentations - excel"
This exports are available in Administration - Exports.