Group Registration Advanced

There was an issue when the Group Registration Advanced was used with more than one event language. When using the navigation at the top it happened that the event language changed to the main event language back.

Group Registration Advanced - Import

- When importing an excel file with no e-mail addresses, the import process just stopped.

- To improve the performance of the import the list of the to be imported group visitors, will be default limited to 20 participants per page now (adding missing information will be faster).

Module Abstract Review
The list of already reviewed abstracts showed the same abstracts more than once when many abstracts were reviewed.

Administration - Exports - Abstract - "excel-authors"
The information abstract number is added to this export.

Administration - Exports - "Ticketbooking Details Excel"
The information "Paid Booking" is added to this export.

Abstract Word Export
For the export two new mergefields are available:

- mPresentationNumberm

- mAbstractSessionTypeNamem

Custom Queries

Now the complete step of custom queries, in the registation process, will be skipped when the function "Display" is deactivated ("Registration - Ticket Setup - Participant - Edit a participant type - Custom Queries").

Cancel Template
A new mergefield is available for the cancel template (wich can be uploaded in Registration - Basic Setup - Templates).
"mCancelledOrderNumberm" this will show the order number of the cancelled order.
Also the VAT table was updated so that also different VATs are shown (when tickets have different VATs).